Insure Your Castle

5 reasons to insure your home

After the blood sweat and tears of updating you home consider the benefits of good insurance

  1. Protect your investmentprotect your home
  2. In case of unforeseen events you save yourself from financial disaster
  3. It most states insurance is required by law
  4. Protects you if someone falls, breaks a hip and sues you!
  5.  If you add some Denver Stucco to your home or update your painting then you want to readjust your policy

Shopping For The Right Coverage

We asked world famous Insurance agent Anthony D’Allesio from Colorado Springs, CO about proper coverage.

Here’s what he had to say;

Insurance is vital to the upkeep of your home. Always be forthcoming with your agent. They can find different ways to save your hard earned cash as well as multiple way to stack up discounts so your premiums stay relatively cost effective!

So in conclusion, if you are renovating a house, making changes, or updating, be sure to let your local insurance agent know, so they can adjust your policy, save you dollars and make sure you are covered by the right type of insurance.

Chicago Florist Delivery

The best Flower Delivery In The Country Happens to Hale From Chicago

Flowers delivered to your doorstep is simple in Chicago, Just ask Diamonds Treasures from Illinois. Either order online or come into the shop for fresh, vibrant flowers that are hand crafted and delivered to your specifications and to your loved ones. Funerals, weddings, new babies, you name it. Floral delivery is super easy with diamonds treasures. Diamond is awesome to work with and they also have great Google reviews. Check them out at


Finding The Right Painter For Your Home

Paint is critical

Finding the right painting company is critical according to Greg Unseth Painting.  You have to consider many things when finding an Austin painter especially in this environment. Considering the homes in this area are tortured day in and day out by the heat makes painting a different beast altogether and if you are working with a company that is new and doesn’t understand this, then their budget tactics will ultimately cost you more in the long run.

Color matters as well. If you choose the wrong color based on a whim you could be stuck with it for awhile or have to shell out big bucks to replace the color. Always figure out what the color will look like once dry, and in Austin, it is so hot you won’t have to wait long!

home painters


Get Your HVAC Ready For Summer

AC Tips for keeping your home comfortable

Is it time for an air conditioner tune up or a major AC Repair?  Hopefully you have kept up with your AC maintenance and all should be well. If you let time pass however, without even a filter change you are looking at trouble. We talked to the experts at Home Heating Service and here is what they had to say about maintenance.

Regularly replace air filters

About 1-2 months to replace your air filter to keep things flowing in your HVAC unit. Dust particles build up over time and can clog important parts of your ac equipment. Be sure to consistently check this item off the list. Keep in mind the savings benefit in repair and parts alone will save you thousands!

Top Home Improvement Tips for 2016

Homeowners never stop finding ways to beautify their homes. Yearly trends are always welcome to accomplish this project. Considering money and time spent, it is wise to study them first. Here are some top home improvement tips for 2016 to guide you.

Best Home Improvement Tips

New Look for your Roof Siding

If the siding of your roof needs replacement, then use vinyl siding. This is a much better option than wood since it is cost effective. The price of professionally installing a vinyl siding is about 30 percent less than that of a wood siding of the same area. And it looks great!

Paint Makeover for your Home

In less time and even less cash, a fresh paint job will magically transform the appearance of your house. When you notice that the paint begins to crack and peel, then it is time to plan a makeover using new coats of paint. Paint that is properly applied is guaranteed to last for 15 years. Just make sure to use only high-quality paints and apply them carefully. Remember: be sure that you choose the proper exterior color.

Bathroom Trends

You can update your bathroom by adding some or all of these: (1) soaking tubs; (2) walk-in shower stalls; (3) multiple showerheads; and (4) glass tile surrounds. The trend is to place ceramic or laminate flooring or apply stone flooring or vinyl tile flooring. Porcelain, glass, as well as vitreous china, are the most popular materials. However, granite, quartz, and solid surface still remain among the most popular countertop.

Living Room Project

Refurbishing your living room is exciting but an overwhelming task. One of the keys to a successful renovation is plenty of forethought, information, and knowledge. You do not need to be original; you can always consult the pros for the living room design you want. Websites are a great help.The following are important considerations:

1. make a living room alive with color
2. your kind of lifestyle
3. your budget
4. your expectations

New Kitchen Trends

For homeowners, low maintenance and beauty are the most desirable features of a kitchen. New products and technologies are coming up. The best material is still stainless steel for it requires low maintenance. There is also a demand for greater exterior living space that Trex Pergola, an easy-to-assemble gadget is providing. This cellular PVC outdoor structure with structural aluminum cores and stainless steel hardware has wider space, providing instant sunlight and cover from the rain in any open space for deck or patio. New appliances are continually invented by well-known manufacturers. There is an appliance that allows you to enter the brave new world of virtual reality in your kitchen or any room in the house. There are also new appliances to save more water, energy and so much more.

After all, everything goes out of style eventually and no home is exempted from this process. Be updated on the latest trends to ensure that your home stays cool and fashionable. No need to be original as there are many models to be used as your inspiration. You are free to utilize some top home improvement tips for 2016 found online.

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